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Food Banks that serve the State of Alabama

Food banks serve large areas and will be able to find a feeding program in your local community. In Alabama, food banks stand as crucial pillars in the battle against hunger, offering vital aid to individuals and families grappling with food insecurity. With a substantial portion of the population facing difficulty accessing nutritious food, these institutions serve as lifelines for communities statewide. Through partnerships with local organizations, they distribute essential food supplies, ranging from fresh produce to pantry staples, while also advocating for policies to address hunger both locally and nationally. By providing a range of services and resources, Alabama's food banks aim to combat hunger, enhance nutritional outcomes, and promote food security for all residents.

Individuals contending with food insecurity in Alabama can access assistance through various channels, including local food banks, community organizations, and government aid programs. Many food banks offer distribution centers for regular access to free food supplies, while community outreach initiatives provide information and referrals to available assistance programs. Government initiatives like SNAP and WIC also provide crucial support to eligible individuals and families. With 746,550 people, including 204,830 children, facing hunger in Alabama, urgent action is needed. The reported need of $461,137,000 highlights the scale of the challenge, emphasizing the importance of robust support systems to address food insecurity and ensure access to nutritious food for all residents.

Community Food Bank of Central Alabama

107 Walter Davis Drive Birmingham, AL 35209


Food Bank of North Alabama

2000 B. Vernon Ave, P.O. Box 18607, Huntsville, AL 35805


Heart of Alabama Food Bank

521 Trade Center Street, Montgomery, AL 36108


Feeding the Gulf Coast

5248 Mobile South Street, Theodore, AL 36582


Feeding the Valley Food Bank

6744 Flat Rock Road, Midland, GA 31820


Counties Served:

Calhoun, Chattahoochee, Clay, Dougherty, Harris, Lee, Marion, Meriwether, Muscogee, Quitman, Randolph, Schley, Stewart, Talbot, Terrell, Troup, Webster